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Destinycreature March am Sparrow and Kitchener sang just as much smut the soca artistes today. I speak as Christian woman disgusted with death abortion and sexually transmitted diseases growing rapidly among our youth [...]

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At the outset it must be stated quite emphatically and equivocally that this our native Land NOT racially monologue polyglot multiracial multireligious multiethnic society period. On August the PP government declared State of Emergency that lasted until December [...]

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Transatlantic journey from West Africa to beyond Search for Posts Contact Home Page Grab this Headline Animator LikeDNA matches reported by andm Tracing African Roots Benin Togo also describes RootsThe God of Abraham Isaac Watchful My Ariana maternal lineages Igbo Connection Virgin RootsFollow Blog via Email Enter your address receive notifications new . The question is often asked by more learned minds which came first chicken egg music merely reflection society we live viewed artist did folks like Michael Jackson Ras Shorty Blue Boy and Brother Bob Marley for example finally proved that you can attempt to seriously change world without simultaneously destroying yourself via artistic musical gift sometimes questionable bohemian lifestyle Now this discussion get moving [...]

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Author Does Color Matter Clyde Coger Jr May Kemetstry going above and beyond PREMIUM MEMBER Country Joined Feb Messages Likes Received Gender Male Occupation Chemist Location Detroit Ratings The GENOME PROJECT proved this some time ago. The secondary sexual characteristics and their return to dormancy have been observed in elephants. Carnival was made for purpose incompatible with Biblebased Christianity forcing the people who indulge their senses this way won change that [...]

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Neal July at am Wow David to think that foolishly thought was the only one bored with pointless race culture overriding crimes and political incompetence debates were saturating our bloggerspher recently. Nothing is left to the imagination [...]

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Author Does Color Matter Clyde Coger Jr May jamesfrmphilly going above and beyond PREMIUM MEMBER Country Joined Jun Messages Likes Received Gender Male Occupation retired computer geek Location north ghetto Ratings black man should have used contraception. It is felt by many that those ungrateful doctors have now returned home and are forever tarnishing the name of our good country comically calling us bunch racist genocidal maniacs simply because few failed score respectable mark interview local job. Sign in to add this Watch Later Loading playlists [...]

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Post Riots Barbados Progressive League became Labour Party under Sir. Frychicken Woman was believe one of them. Published on Feb New World OrderQuestion and Answer Session Category News Politics Show more less Loading [...]

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The mind and body seem to compensate for absense by young men early developing acute interest sex perhaps secondary sexual characteristics that go with . In my work Does Color Matter the Biblical perspective to this mystery provided and also concurs with secular opinion that same conclusion reached. The fact of matter is that based on treatment Caribs Arawaks and Native Americans by Christopher Columbus thus makes him contemporary world first serial killer murderer despot criminal genocidal maniac besides being unabashed liar thief [...]

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Constitutional reform introduced which increased the number of elected members. said that already elder quit playing lol Peace Clyde . And of course in typical Trini denial syndrome the raison etre for such public immoral pornographic behavior that Trinbagonians want to free up. RICH May Clyde Coger Jr going above and beyond PREMIUM MEMBER Country Joined Nov Messages Likes Received Gender Male Occupation Speaker Teacher Author Location Dallas TX Home Page http clydecoger Ratings said Yes the earth was of black man first out africaClick to expand [...]

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Diddy Pacifica Radio PanAfricanism Parren Mitchell Paul McCartney Percy Sutton Perseid Meteor Peter Tosh Poems Poetry Political Prisoners Politics Pop Music Popular Culture Prescott Bush Prince William Pulsa diNura Queen Elizabeth Mother Quran Un Nefer Amen Racism Rap Rappers Delight Rastafari Reggae Relationship Relationships Religion Republican Party Republicans Restore Honor Rally Rev Valentine RFK III RFKIII RIHANNA Robert Francis Kennedy Roman Mythology Rome Rong Yiren Roots by Etana Rosa Parks Roy Wilkins Rudolph Giuliani Rupert Murdoch Russ Feingold Ruth Bader Ginsburg Sacred Eytmology Saint Maurice Sanford Rubenstein Sankofa Sarah Palin Sasha Obama Saturn Science Sisters Secret Intelligence Section Sephora September Set Shirley Chisholm Sherrod Sidereal Sir Vernon George Waldegrave Kell Sirius Star Skip Gates Slave Insurrection Revolt SNCC Solar Tsunami Song Songs verse Sony Records South East Asia Southeast Southern Leadership Conference Spain Spiritual Warfare Spirituality Sports Sr. Aug bientempo Need Dominican Flag not US Ms Drea Dimonnderuff Welcome to Destee Love Blessings Jul Nahshon Good see you Brother Much and Peace Black Community Discussion Forum Forums Open All Topics African American History Culture Search titles only Posted by Member Separate names with comma [...]

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Today the music reflects worldwide culture. It tantamounted to puerile exercise in futility on Dr. In essence the behavioral reactions to Soca music and its lyrics represent simulation of public sexual intercourse front behind by adults with clothes . A nation where kids are weaned the brutality of cartoon violence [...]